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1. NAME: Overlord
2. RANK: Black Widow Evil Leader
3. AGE: 36
4. HAIR: Brown
5. EYES: Yellow (formerly brown)

EDUCATION: PHDs in genetics, pharmacology and psychology from Stanford. Received PHD in Quantum Physics two years later at the age of 23.

GENERAL BACKGROUND: Two years after he joined the military team, Overlord became the youngest and most respected researchers ever to head that facility. It was there that Overlord first conceived the idea for the Zone. The U.S. Govt. rejected it. During that period the world's first ion-powered space shuttle, capable of reaching unheard of speeds, was developed. It was the vehicle Overlord and his companions stole and used to disperse the Zone Generators.

NOTES: Overlord is obsessed with his plan to rule the world with his SPIRAL ZONE. He will let nothing get in his way.


1. NAME: Bandit
2. RANK: Black Widow Master of Disguise
3. AGE: Unknown
4. HAIR: Black - Balding
5. EYES: Yellow (Black pupils)

EDUCATION: Information on Bandit is extremely hard to find. Bandit not only speaks several languages, but can change his appearance and voice like a chameleon, an ability he has used often in many international thefts.

GENERAL / MILITARY BACKGROUND: Bandit was believed killed during the Seven Hills Battle in a raid led by Col. Dirk Courage (now Zone Rider Commander). But it has been confirmed that 2 hours after Overlord began the SPIRAL ZONE attack, Bandit sought him out and offered his services. Overlord knew of his talent for changing his disguise at will and of his reputation as a master thief, so he made Bandit second-in-command.

NOTES: Because of the Seven Hills Battle, Bandit has sworn revenge on Zone Rider Commander Dirk Courage.

1. NAME: Reaper
2. RANK: Black Widow Manhunter
3. AGE: 32
4. HAIR: Black Mohawk and Beard
5. EYES: Yellow (Black pupils)

EDUCATION: Various Military Academies. He was expelled from the last one. Reaper was sentenced to 17 years in Leavenworth Federal Prison, but escaped and fled the country.

MILITARY BACKGROUND: After his escape Reaper became a mercenary, selling his services to highest bidder without regard to justice or honor. Because of his ruthlessness, military knowledge and willingness to fight for even the most evil armies, he became the highest paid mercenary in the world.

NOTES: Reaper was one of the 2 Black Windows that Overlord recruited and used to hijack the Space Shuttle. He feels strong resentment that Overlord chose Bandit to be Second-in-Command, not him.

1. NAME: Razorback
2. RANK: Black Widow Bladesman Expert
3. AGE: 27
4. HAIR: Dark Gray
5. EYES: Yellow (Formerly Gray)

EDUCATION: Razorback has been in trouble almost from the day he was born. He spent most of his time in reform schools. He later dropped out of high school, spent 1 year in the regular army and was dishonorably discharged.

GENERAL BACKGROUND: Razorback is known for his skill and fascination with knives and blades of any sort. Before being recruited by Overlord, Razorback kept a massive arsenal of knives from all over the world. He can grab, throw and slice with frightening speed, and his skills at hand-to-hand combat were honed by his years in a street gang.

NOTES: Razorback is a rule-breaker. He does things his way. But when he fails an assignment, he makes sure the blame falls on someone else, especially the Black Widow Reaper.

1. NAME: Duchess Dire
2. RANK: Black Widow Special Assignments Expert
3. AGE: 25
4. HAIR: Black
5. EYES: Yellow (Formerly Blue)

EDUCATION: Duchess Dire attended some of the finest public and private schools in the world. But even her wealthy parents couldn't keep her from being expelled every time. She developed a well-known reputation as a criminal and troublemaker.

GENERAL BACKGROUND: Dire is wanted in half a dozen countries for blackmail, grand theft and other crimes. She is interested only in power - as much as she can get. When Overlord launched the SPIRAL ZONE attack, Duchess Dire actually went into the Zone, gambling that she could join the Black Widows before the Zone affected her mind.

NOTES: Duchess can be seemingly charming. In reality, she is very dangerous and does anything to gain more power; as long as there is no risk to her.

Richard "Rawmeat" Welt
Black Widow Enforcer

This character appeared only in the cartoon. No tech file exists.

Dr. Jean "Crook" Duprey
Black Widow Scientist

This character appeared only in the cartoon. No tech file exists.

Black Widow Trooper
Black Widow

Black Widow Troopers are Zoned civilians selected to help defend Zone Generators and other key areas vitally important to the Black Widow's evil goals. Overlord also uses them as front line soldiers when in battle with the Zone Riders.

The Bull Whip Cannon was developed for use as a Black Widow battle command vehicle. With its eight sharply studded tires and multiple flexible axles, there's no place the Bull Whip can't go!

The Bull Whip has complete scanning and laser tracking systems, a land mine detection system and microwave transmission gear for keeping in touch with the Black Widows.

For firepower, the Bull Whip Cannon has a high-powered laser whip that can be launched to tangle and stun victims for zoning, or can be used to blast through steel and concrete. The control grip tilts back to reveal a small, but powerful, rocket launcher that fires a wide variety of loads; from high explosive and stun rockets to Zone-creating shells.

Whenever the Bull Whip Cannon arrives, you know there's going to be trouble!

The Sledge Hammer tank is the primary assault vehicle of the evil Black Widows. It is a state of the art one-man mini-tank with awesome capabilities.

When it comes to combat, the Sledge Hammer has the firepower of heavy duty field artillery. The tank has two ton bashers that crush anything in their path, making it almost impossible to get near. It carries two 60mm Howitzers that fire Zone-creating shells and has two 20mm laser cannons mounted on the front. With its computer-aided weapons aiming system, the tank lays down a frightening field of fire.

In or out of the SPIRAL ZONE, the Sledge Hammer is a weapon to be reckoned with!

Black Widow Airship

This vehicle appeared only in the cartoon. No tech file exists.

Zone Generator
Black Widow Mind Control Device

See the Summary of Intelligence for more information.

The Spin Shot is a mobile assault backpack system believed to have been developed by Overlord shortly before he began his SPIRAL ZONE assault. The mortar launching unit revolves on the wearer's back and fires a variety of special purpose shells.

Spin Shot ammunition includes the M274 with a maximum range of 5,000 yards and the power of 5 tons of TNT; and the M251; a flare shell with a range of 3,444 yards and the flash power of a 6,000 watt light bulb.

The Zone Drone is the deadliest weapon the Black Widows use. Designed as a portable rocket / mortar system, Zone Drones can be fired with devastating accuracy at targets up to 15 miles away.

It fires a variety of special purpose drones, from small stun drones to high-power Zone creating shells. Powered by supersonic solid-fuel rocket engines, Zone Drones fly at 2,460 feet per second. And when linked to the Black Widow Scanner System, Drones can be steered to targets - even around corners and over tall buildings.

Developed by Overlord specifically for Zone warfare, the Snapper Claws are one of the most feared weapons the Black Widows use, as they have no design weaknesses.

The bionic claws give the wearer power to bash through walls and doors, stun the victim with energy bolts and then grab them. Many an innocent person has been snatched into the Zone by the evil Black Widow Reaper with the Snapper Claws.

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