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Duchess Treat
Episode #: 53
Original Air Date: 12/2/1987
Written by: Mark Edens

Episode Summary
Written by J. Cole Weston

Duchess Dire has an offer that M.C.C. can't refuse - the freedom of the major cities of the world!

Episode Notes
Written by J. Cole Weston

In depth: Along the coast, a car drives, stopping at a tower while Courage looks on, with the other Zone Riders maintaining close watch. It's King Arthur and his Scottish aide MacKenzie from "The Man Who Wouldn't Be King." Duchess Dire is inside and says that he now looks like a King. Saying that she asked for the meeting, Arthur wants to know what she wants. Dire says she wants to leave Overlord, tired of being a soldier and of having no power. She claims to be afraid of the other Black Widows. She appeals to him, offering future plans and zone defenses. She wants safe refuge at M.C.C. and 10 million pounds sterling. When he asks why he should believe her, she says because the meeting is a trap!

Hearing this, Courage and the others race into battle against Intruder. Dire says this was the only way to contact him since Overlord listens to all communications. Black Widow "Striker" aircraft approach with Bandit, who destroys their car. Overlord himself attacks the Zone Riders as they focus firepower on the tower. Rawmeat destroys Max's cycle. The two planes fly in to destroy Ned's cycle. Dire shows the King an escape route and tells him to take her offer to M.C.C. She keeps an apartment in New York City, at which she can be contacted at midnight tomorrow. She asks to be stunned to explain their escape, which MacKenzie does in short order. Hiro, outside, takes out a Striker aircraft with a rifle blast. Arthur radios he and Major MacKenzie are fine and have escaped. The Zone Riders then regroup by the lake.

From M.C.C. General McFarland believes it a trap. But he still commands Courage to hear out the Duchess. Arthur gives him the phone number. She sneaks out at night from Overlord's HQ, and is followed by Crook and Rawmeat. Courage has the Zone Riders wait behind as he goes to make the phone call. Dire enters an apartment that contains only a communication set. Crook is watching outside. Courage calls, and as a bargaining chip, she offers the self destruct codes to the zone generators that only Overlord himself knows. She offers a list of cities to be freed. UN troops must be standing by to take them over, however. Courage records the names but Razorback arrives and attacks. He calls in Zoners to attack Courage. The Zoner transport is knocked out by the Zone Riders however, and Razorback is turned back. Courage goes to M.C.C. with her offer, and one of the Generals believes her, since Overlord would have nothing to gain.

The Black Widows all accuse Dire of being a traitor, but Overlord set the trap personally as a test of loyalty for the rest. He plans to detonate several large cities' zone generators. He will lure the troops into the areas, and reactivate the Zone generators. He plans to capture the UN armies all at once. The General of M.C.C. sends the Zone Riders to capture Overlord's headquarters. Courage has Kat and Ned held back just in case. The UN troops depart M.C.C. to take on Overlord's headquarters.

Bandit tells Overlord that they've entered the trap and to stand by for pod detonation. When the zone reappears, it is too late to recall the troops. The general at M.C.C. is on the line with Mexico City when it goes dead. Overlord then commands all unit to attack! Courage in Rimfire attacks back as the Zone Riders work together to get the UN troops out of the zone. Kat and Ned land in the zone to provide back up. Hiro and Rawmeat duel it out on the streets as Ben and the zoned General McFarland drive the transport. Kat takes out the generator from the air, and the New York zone is free for a few moments. All units of the UN Forces are to fall back on UN headquarters. Overlord commands the emergency back up generator to be deployed at his headquarters.

Back at UN HQ, McFarland asks how bad it is. Almost half a million troops are now zoned, and entire armies have been lost. McFarland notes they'll have to work harder, but they haven't lost yet - not if they have the Zone Riders.

Items Noticed: Two Zone Rider glider planes appear for the first time here - perhaps meant as the opposition to the Strikers?

Notes: A MAJOR risk for Overlord to take, but one that worked beautifully. Overlord risked his major strongholds yet increased his armies which will power the generators and already have their own weaponry. Another "the Zone Riders lose" episode of a show that didn't always end on a happy note.

What do we learn? Overlord's new planes are called Striker aircraft. Were they intended for toy production as well?

Duchess keeps an apartment in New York still.

Major MacKenzie is the head of security for King Arthur.

The list of cities to be freed include: New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Mexico City, Leningrad, Chicago, Shanghai, Cairo, San Francisco, Madrid, Athens, Caracas.

Duchess Dire professes that she will never leave Overlord.

Goof ups: None apparent.

Quotable Quotes: "Everybody wait here. I've got a phone call to make. Uhh, anybody got a quarter? " - Commander Courage

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