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Episode #: 43
Original Air Date: 11/18/1987
Written by: Brooks Wachtel

Episode Summary
Written by J. Cole Weston

If the Zone Riders don't stop an anti-matter device in time, four states will be destroyed by the powerful weapon!

Episode Notes
Written by J. Cole Weston

In depth: In the Zone, Crook chases the Zone Riders into a trap set by Rawmeat with his snare backpack. The snare destroys a tire on a cycle and the ambush is on, with the Zone Riders surrounded. They close into formation, and each must fight off many Zoners. They are fighting to regain a supply of anti-matter, which could be used to make a zone of unlimited size. At Overlord's HQ, he sends all personnel, even those working on anti-matter, to defend the base. Ned decides to shower them with water, detonating a grenade near some fire hydrants. They escape in the confusion and exit the Zone.

Back at the installation, Overlord curses the escape of the Zone Riders. He notes something wrong in the anti-matter room: Bandit has ordered the scientists into the battle! Unattended, the antimatter device has reached a critical phase. If detonated, it could destroy much of four states. Dr. Laurence shows the Zone Riders a view of the unstable antimatter area. Franklin believes they could stop the matter/antimatter reaction with an advanced solar cell in the base. They have thirty minutes to stop it.

Overlord is willing to sacrifice the other Black Widows at the installation if it means destroying the Zone Riders. Riding in the desert, the Zone Riders discuss their plans to take down the machine. The generator must be destroyed first so sunlight can reach the solar cell. When they reach the zone, it's quiet, but soon the Widows and Zoners appear on the rooftops, firing at the team. They head to an experimental wind installation where Rawmeat lays a trap for them, sealing them inside the wind tunnel. Being sucked toward the fan, Kat loses her grip, falling towards the blades! She gains another handhold just in time as Courage sends a bomb into the fan, which goes off balance and explodes. Rawmeat and Crook appear to be buried by the explosion. As the Zone Rider move out, Crook goes to join Reaper at the lab, but Rawmeat stays to find his tank. The Zone Riders quickly run into more Zoners as Tank and Ned ride into a mine field. Their cycles are hit and both beat a steady retreat behind a rock, while Ned uses his helicopter backpack, which Reaper promptly destroys. Tank has a rappelling line however and they use this to climb up the mountain.

At the installation, Max uses his needler rifle to hold off the Zoners as Courage enters the solar cell bay. Reaper captures him but Courage launches an explosive from his backpack. He then grabs the solar cell and makes off with it, with Max in tow. They head to the anti-matter lab where the others will meet them. Crook observes this and races to stop them. Though the front door is locked, they use a floor grate to sneak into the facility. Two zoners are made short work of, but Rawmeat is nearby digging out his tank. Franklin gets on the console and finds things worse than thought. The Black Widows attack, but they bury the doorway in debris.

Courage and Jones head closer, while Tucker and Schmidt work in the explosives for the generator. Ned is knocked off, but hangs on to the cliff and climbs upward. At the installation, the zoners break through the window. The reaction of the device is going critical, and doesn't seem to be able to be stopped. Crook retreats with Rawmeat while figuring out what will happen to them. Dire and the others leave via helicopter and Ned finally throws the charges at the generator, destroying it. As the Zone falls, the light streams in and Courage rolls inside with the solar cell. They aim it at the device, and the cell begins to buckle as an explosion takes place. They've stopped the antimatter device! Tucker and Tank outside are relieved, and Ned didn't doubt they'd win for a second.

Items Noticed: At 2:44 you can see a perfect demonstration of Franklin's backpack, including a pop out visor not shown before. Tonka must have been perfecting the toys design during this period.

At 4:35, the shoulder mounted missile launcher backpack is fired by a Zoner - yet another appearance of a second year accessory.


What do we learn? An antimatter explosion could destroy much of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.

Zone Rider backpacks can be launched by numerous means: we have seen a wrist mounted button, a circular chest mounted button (on Commander Courage) and a more discrete belt buckle button (also on Courage).

Quotable Quotes: " Victory sometimes means making a sacrifice." - Overlord, on killing all the Black Widows except Bandit in order to destroy the Zone Riders.

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