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The Hacker
Episode #: 13
Original Air Date: 10/7/1987
Written by: Patrick J. Furlong

Episode Summary
Written by J. Cole Weston

M.C.C. finds a way into Overlord's computer system, but another user manages to get a list of spies - and the chase is on to get the list, for both sides.

Episode Notes
Written by J. Cole Weston

Bandit and Razorback lead a massive Zoner army against the SPIRAL ZONE. A large red mecha tries to kidnap Katerina, but she is saved by Tank. He then uses a blinding flare from his bazooka. Noting that this is several times they've been overwhelmed by forces in the Zone, Courage believes there to be a spy in M.C.C.

Outside a phone company, Steve and Julie Roberts, two small children decide to enter finding their parents with the Midwest Phone Company's computer. Meanwhile at M.C.C, Dr. Laurence has hacked into Overlord's computer system. He will have 60 seconds before he is discovered. The children at the company also access the computer and print out a list of Overlord's spies. For some reason, M.C.C. can't print its own. A spy named "Alpha-10" betrays the Zone Riders to Overlord. Reaper and Bandit go to kidnap the children, but they escape on a jet powered skateboard. Eventually Julie can't hang on and falls into a grate becoming trapped as the Black Widows approach. But just in time, Tank comes to the rescue, fending off the Black Widows until they produce a flare which inadvertently lets the children escape. Steve and Julie take over a Sledge Hammer tank, and after some difficulty escape, but drive into the Zone.

Overlord arrives in Intruder to command the Black Widows. Tank finds the Sledge Hammer in a junkyard. As the Zone Riders give chase, Razorback is left without transport and attacks Courage unsuccessfully. Max, Kat and Hiro look for the children and find them in the car crusher. Tank acquires the list. Threatened with the children being crushed, Overlord bargains to get the list and he will save the children. He destroys the list and changes the deal to removing the Zone Riders helmets. The Zone Riders then save the children as Overlord is defeated. Kat believes the list was destroyed, but Courage reports his "OptiScan" helmet was switched to memory mode and took high resolution photos of the list, and burned it to a golden disc (suggesting a DVD). Courage then takes out the Generator and the Riders return to M.C.C. Dr. Laurence uses the list to round up the spies, and he has a surprise for the Roberts kids: their parents have escaped thanks to the destruction of the Generator.

Items Noticed: We see several Zoner vehicles, including new cycles and a large brown tank that look perfect for the second year of SPIRAL ZONE toys. Pity.

Overlord's spy network is extensive - the advantage the Zone Riders think they have is quickly eroded by them.

Tank's sensitivity to children is exhibited again here, reinforcing his character's loss of his son in the Zone.

Unlike many shows, when the children try to drive a piece of advanced technology, it's difficult for them to learn! A nice touch of realism.

Tank's helmet possesses an infrared vision mode capable of following vehicle trails.

Courage's helmet is identified as an "OptiScan" helmet - the very same term from the toy packaging, a nice consistency. Also, the golden disc it burns looks suspiciously like a DVD - the appropriate media for 2007! Who would have known their prediction 20 years ago would hold up today?

Notes: The phone company's computer makes noises from the original Star Trek series.

What do we learn? Zoners may be mindless, but they can be affected by flares, which affect the eyes.

Goof ups: Dirk Courage uses the term "About Face" to turn the Zone Riders around. This is usually used in marching in the military, but not used as an actual command on the battlefield. However, the term "do an about face" is sometimes used. Overall, a nice touch at providing realism however.

Quotable Quotes: "Nein, Herr Schmidt! I have you!" - Overlord

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