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Duel in Paradise
Episode #: 11
Original Air Date: 10/5/1987
Written by: Michael Edens and Mark Edens

Episode Summary
Written by J. Cole Weston

Bandit is captured by the Zone Riders - but getting him to MCC will prove more difficult than imagined!

Episode Notes
Written by J. Cole Weston

In depth: The team is in the Zone, with Hiro taking fire. Duchess Dire's Sledge Hammer is damaged and she retreats leaving Bandit alone as the Zone Generator is destroyed. Bandit is apprehended by Dirk Courage and taken along with Tank on a UN flight direct to MCC (under orders from General MacFarland). Bandit downs the plane on a deserted island after escaping while the other Zone Riders pursue Dire, who escapes with the help of Intruder.

In the jungle, Courage uses his expertise to set traps for Bandit while a typhoon heads for the Zone Riders while they use Eagle to find the plane's crew. Courage uses his advanced survival skills once more to comfortably stay in a cave, even making dinner of a fish, while Bandit steals all surviving weapons from the crash, He and Bandit pursue one another through the jungle, with Courage fashioning a spear from obsidian. He corners Bandit who runs out of power cells, capturing him with a bow and arrow. As Bandit is cornered, Intruder arrives with Overlord, rescuing Bandit who wishes to kill Courage, but is stopped by Overlord. Eventually defeated by the Zone Riders, Overlord makes a distraction of a smoke grenade and stuns Courage, rescuing Bandit and retreating.

Items Noticed: Overlord has begun to take precautions - there is some form of fencing around the Zone Generators now.

It makes a certain amount of sense that Bandit would perform badly in a jungle setting, considering his Middle Eastern terrorist background followed by months of urban warfare in the Zone.

UN Planes are gold in 2007? When did we miss this?

The cheaper of the animation studios makes their first appearance here, as evidenced by the odd movement of the jungle behind Bandit while walking.

The Zone Cycle's improbable "Water mode" makes it's second appearance.

What do we learn? Bandit finally confronts Courage one on one regarding his brother's death.

Bandit's stolen Zone Rider backpack system is controlled by a wrist mounted controller that places its control in the palm of his hand.

Zone Rider weapons systems can run out of power cells before expending all ammo - this is how even though Bandit still has ammunition he cannot fire.

Goof ups: McFarland orders Tank and Courage to take Bandit back, but only Courage seems to go.

Quotable Quotes: "I'd rather die than live as your slave." - Courage
"It doesn't matter what you want" - Overlord

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