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Welcome to the internet's first and only site dedicated to the cult classic sci-fi animated series, SPIRAL ZONE!

SPIRAL ZONE ranks as one of my favorite animated series next to The Transformers and Dinosaucers. I was instantly hooked by the story of Overlord enslaving the human race via the Zone, which was his solution to ending all war and conflict on Earth. This gripping storyline is delivered to the viewer with great animation, superior voice acting, awesome music / sound effects and well developed characters. One obvious example is the character Overlord, who easily stands up against Megatron as one of the greatest animated villains ever.

Unfortunately, SPIRAL ZONE only lasted one season, and never got the chance to reach a wide audience.

This web site was launched on March 3, 2005 with the dream of getting all 65 episodes of SPIRAL ZONE released on DVD. Thanks to Pierre De Celles, myself, and many hardcore SPIRAL ZONE fans around the world, that dream is now a reality.

SPIRAL ZONE: The Complete DVD Collection is now completely sold out! Thanks to all of those who ordered.

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"Hit it!"

C. Storm
Creative Director

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